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10-16-2003, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ruffneck69
Dvorak is playing horribly, im really missing Carter right now. Comrie's being a ***** so i think they should do the obvious thing an trade him and Brewer is not stepping up the way Janne did when Roman left. Lowe's gotta learn one thing! and that is that size and speed doesn't nessarily teranslate into goals. Pure raw skills score goals and the fact that he didnt draft Hudler, O'Sullivan when he had the chance shows you how badly he see's talent. If you're over 6'1 and 200lbs and you're an average player then you will almost definitely be drafted by the Oil. im so sick of this. We should be drafting more skilled kids like Hemsky, not kids that have size and play in the AHL all their lives (cough couch this means you Mihknov and Henrich)
Agree about Dvorak, but judging by what's coming out of New York I don't think we're missing out on very much with sounds like he's struggling too.

Hudler - I'd love to see him here, but Lowe was far from the only GM to take a pass on the little guy.

O'Sullivan - Lots of talent, lots of emotional baggage.

Mihknov hasn't played a minute in North America yet...let's actually see him in an NHL size rink before we label him as a Henrich-like bust.

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