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05-19-2011, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Carl Carmoni View Post
anyone but boston
Yeah, at this point that's pretty much my mantra too. I sort of wanted to see Anaheim win because I think Koivu deserves a cup but, generally, here's how my band-wagon jumping goes:

-Ottawa because I live there. Coincidentally, there are only two points in time where it's actually fun to live in this city rather then just enjoyable: Canada Day and when the Sens are winning.

-Teams from Canada except the Leafs because I enjoy seeing them lose.


-The team with the player I like most on it

-The team currently playing against the Flyers, Leafs, Washington, San Jose, or the Bruins because it's really satisfying watching these teams lose.

-Any of the teams listed above, except the Bruins, on account of the fact that they are playing the Bruins.

I'm not sure how it goes for everyone else but that's, generally, how I make a decision.

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