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05-19-2011, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Hm. If Columbus comes East, does that force Philly into the SE? NSH moving makes more sense.
Interesting article about this I was just reading. I'll pull out the interesting points.

Here’s the thing about moving a team from Atlanta to Winnipeg – Manitoba isn’t exactly in the southeast, nor really even in the east at all. In fact, it lines up almost directly with Dallas, just about 1,285 miles up the road north. If the Thrashers were to move to Winnipeg, there stands a very good chance that the NHL could conduct a little realignment. After all, the relocated franchise would be further west than no less than six Western Conference teams.

What is very likely is that the eastern most Western Conference team – the Columbus Blue Jackets – could be flipped across to the Eastern side of things. However, that still wouldn’t make sense from a “Southeast Division” perspective, what, with it being just across the Ohio border from Pittsburgh.

So, let’s play a game. Let’s realign the divisions, shall we?

If Columbus comes across, it makes a ton of sense to pair them with Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto and Ottawa. Geographically, travel, potential rivals with the two other American teams. Let’s call that the North Division. That leaves a few other teams in limbo who had been in divisions with those teams. Boston and Montreal could unite with the three New York-area teams, rebuilding the Northeast Division. After that, the only team without a home is Philadelphia, which could take Atlanta’s place in what we’ll call the South Division.

I actually like this a lot for the Capitals. Playing in what has been a weak division over the past few years, while it has certainly helped the Caps gain one seeds and the Presidents’ Trophy, hasn’t exactly been beneficial when the competition gets fierce in the playoffs. Bringing in Philly, while it may make things more challenging during the season, could also benefit the team in the long run. Not only does it continue and perhaps make the Philly rivalry more intense, a full season race for the division crown with them may help prepare the Caps better for the playoffs.

This is just one scenario – there are simpler ones that aren’t as geographically nice (i.e., move Nashville instead of Columbus, and just slide them right into the Southeast); there are more complicated ones (move to two imbalanced divisions of North/South with eight teams in one, seven in the other). I don’t know if any as work as nicely as the one above, which is still far from perfect since you split up the Pennsylvania teams and take away the Flyers/Rangers division rivalry. Then again, this is all for fun.

That's why I said that Nashville would probably be the team to move. It would cause much less havoc among the existing teams/divisions.

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