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05-19-2011, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Would have walked out and dropped the course immediately, **** that. She has an inferiority complex.
I found out that in my concentration of 5 classes, shes teaching 3 here, and 2 in the other. So either way Im stuck with her for 2 more, if I change concentrations or not. Ive complained to other professors, to the professor who created the program (who emailed the head), Ive talked with the head of the dept...But I get this feeling that its just like "yeah yeah, well do what we can" and nothing gets done, and there she is again. On top of her being a *****, she teaches nothing. And I know, students say that all the time "this professor doesn't teach", but I cant say Ive learned anything new since last semester from this class. There was a time in this class where I brought up something for discussion from a previous (and pre-requisite) class with textbook in hand, to be shot down saying that (get this) "The textbook is wrong - do it like I say".

It feels like in this class this professor will do what she wants, teach false material, and wont be questioned. And God forbid she is, prepare for attitude like your mother and your younger sister combined at their peak of *****iness.

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