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05-20-2011, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Bourne Again View Post
I agree, why should a team be burned by a loophole like this? Either close it or provide a compensatory pick like int he Wheeler situation. Now I am worried about all the college picks we have in Lee, Nelson, Trivino.

I would be SHOCKED if Gregoire is with the Isles franchise. He seems like he is ready to bolt.
Well, if Trivino would want to do this, it'd have to come real soon. Same with Kessel.

I have no worries there because he hasn't had NEARLY the career that Gregoire has. He would have no leverage if he decided to do this.

You're right though - Lee and Nelson could seek that route at some point. I sure hope not.

Actually, seeing this situation and also having seen Okposo, Ness and Donovan come out early, while nothing has come of Rogers, Sims, and Day (not yet at least), I'm wondering if the Isles will already rethink their drafting policy with respect to upcoming NCAAers in the next draft??? Also, at this point, it sure as heck ain't looking like Clark or Rosen() are going to amount to much.

In general, I've felt the Isles enjoy taking kids they know are headed to college, mainly because it gives them so much more time to watch their development and make a decision on them.

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