Thread: News Article: Should Gilroy get a QO?
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05-20-2011, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
As history teaches us, it is quite possible that both Sauer and McDonah will have a a mediocre seasons as they will have sophomore year (something Giloy is already through). Who is going to play when McD would need to go HFD like DelZotto? What if injuries affect not only forwards? You never have too many defensemen.
We spent on G also more than any other team. Should we change that? This team cannot go anywhere for various reasons. Gilroy is none of them.
I guess Gilroy has been through 2 sophomore years... lol.

The only part of this post I agree with is that you indeed can't have too many d-men, but you can't pay Gilroy $2.1M in today's salary-capped NHL. The bottom pair D for this team plays very few minutes, so you should be able to sign your 5th & 6th for $2.1M combined. Every year, there are a group of guys without jobs that jump onto NHL teams for the minimum and do serviceable jobs. Gilroy's play this year was less than serviceable, so what exactly are we losing? If he decides to take 750K, then keep him for developmental reasons... otherwise, find a replacement.

Your point about paying too much on goalies makes no sense. The only reason we can even get to the playoffs (or come close) is that Henrik is signed at the number he is. The only reason the Flyers aren't winning Cups is because they don't have a stud goalie. Come on, dude. This team goes nowhere because of overpaid supporting players that take up cap room. We need that money for acquiring elite players who can put the puck in the net.

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