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10-16-2003, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
i'm sorry. i thought you were a thrashers fan because of all the pro-thrashers posts i've seen from you.

as far as "peaking in" to learn about the team, you'll find that we welcome that sort of thing. canadian chris, birko19, and any number of others could tell you that we're friendly and receptive to all non-preds fans who come aboard to ask us questions to better their knowledge of Nashville's team. You, however, barged into a conversation, and told us to "get over it." There's where I had to take exception...and point out that it's our board, and we're free to discuss whatever we'd like within the bounds of HF's guidelines. SmokeyClause is our moderator, and if we were to overstep those guidelines, he would be quick to take action. However, we were merely engaging in a lighthearted discussion on the progress(or regress, as it were) of Andy Delmore, a player that we, as Predators fans, had long lampooned. Would we be so inclined to joke about him...if Sabres fans hadn't acted like they had gotten the steal of the century? Well, I'll be honest...probably. However...we might have left the fans themselves out of it if DanielBriere, KillToronto and a cast of others hadn't taken it upon themselves at the time of the trade to troll our board, bragging of how Delmore was the missing piece in Buffalo. We said, "well, remember you said that...and we will too." That's exactly what we're doing now.

I just don't see how it's any concern of yours.

1. I'd be very interested in seeing all these pro-Trasher comments of mine. No offense but I think you've got me confused. I DID go to the Preds/Thrashers preseason game in Richmond a couple weeks back and posted a little report on it so that might be where you got he idea. No sweat though, doesn't bother me.

2. I'm going to apologize for the barbs about this being "childish." I know this is a message board, and I know you can post whatever you want but I just really don't get the need for anymore posts about Delmore over here. If you're upset about Sabres22 and Danielbriere2248 (or whatever) and want to get after them do what you wish, but this just seems like taking a broad shot at Sabres fans to make your point to a couple (and every team has guys like them). I'd suggest going to the Sabres board, and the MB (though it just got nuked yesterday so there's not a lot archived) and look for how many threads there are dedicated to Chris Gratton. He's brought up occasionally in a thread but you're not going to find many just about him. That ship has sailed and so has this one. I just don't understand why any Nashville fan should care about Andy Delmore anymore, especially considering the majority opinion here about the guy.

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