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05-20-2011, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by WhamBamCam8 View Post
No offense but what sort of idiot drinks alcohol while taking prescription pain killers? Besides just having plain common sense it says it right on the ******* bottle. Sorry if I sound uncaring, but angry this guy's gone and his family has to go through this for basically not knowing what the **** he was putting into his system.
It seems like you'd have to be an idiot to become an addict, but it can't be further from the truth. When you're addicted to something, you're addicted...that's the point. You're not making conscious decisions as to what is good and bad for you...oxycodine is an incredibly addictive drug...once you are addicted, you feel as if you can't live without it. If you really think an addiction is as easy to address as just not doing it because the label on the bottle says not to, then you really have no idea what going through something like this entails. Addiction takes over your life and ruins it. Not much else outside of drugs matters. Horrible, horrible thing.

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