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10-16-2003, 12:24 PM
Master Lok
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Man, you guys are hilarious. Why in the world are you picking on Fernando? He's a defensive forward playing on the checking line, you expect him to win the game? If not then why are you blaming him? Is it because Comrie is out and you're looking for another local dude to pick on?

Three games in + No goals in last two games = Pisani's fault.

And you figure that Stoll is going to turn the Oiler ship around? An unproven, 4th line centre rookie? What, is he expected to score 2 goals a game now? And if he doesn't, is it still Pisani's fault?

Here's some clues why we aren't scoring:

1) maybe we have a PP that needs to improve from 30th at home last year and that it takes time to improve the PP when you don't have a guy named MacInnis on the blueline for you.

2) Our #1 centre is holding out.

3) Our #1 left winger (Smyth) is playing out of position and with a broken finger.

4) Our #1/#2 defenseman (arguably Niiniinaa) was traded at the end of last year.

5) Our supposed #2 centre (York) is still recovering from off-season surgery.'

6) Our #2 RW missed a fair part of preseason due to family matters. (I'm not blaming him, its a fact.)

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