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05-20-2011, 07:29 PM
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Well looks like it's official, Laredo will stay:

There are no longer rumors or dark clouds surrounding the future of the Laredo Bucks. With questions and doubt no longer lingering, they will be playing a 10th season in the Central Hockey League.
I would hold off on that, I would still say there are dark clouds regarding the long term future. How long will it take the Fort Wayne's/Rapid City's/Colorado's of the world to get ticked off having to give you money all the time?

Bucks majority owner Glenn Hart confirmed Friday afternoon he emailed the league with his commitment to play next season.

At Wednesday’s town hall meeting, the Bucks issued a press release in which Hart asked for all season ticket holders to renew their seats by today, Friday May 20, at 5 p.m.

“Mr. Hart will look at the number of seats purchased for the upcoming season as a point of reference as to whether or not to continue (operations),” the release said.
Hart said the response has been so overwhelming that the Bucks are undoubtedly coming back amid reports they may not should renewals fail to hold up.

“The situation has been so good that they (the Bucks’ front office) haven’t even had time to stop and count (season ticket renewals),” Hart said. “From a qualitative standpoint, we’re good to go.”
I'll admit i'm surprised here, very.

Even with league rival Rio Grande Valley possibly folding and at the very least facing an uncertain future, Hart said the Killer Bees’ situation will not affect his club’s.

“I actually committed without a contingent that Rio Grande plays next year,” Hart said. “I hope they do, but we’ll be coming back with or without them.”
How can a team that will be operating on a SINGLE A budget afford to play without their closest rival?

Because the Bucks are able to operate under the same budget as last year, Hart said they would stay. Essentially, Laredo is working under a Single-A budget in a Double-A league.
Your first team announcing they will be doing so. I wonder if they had announced they would not be returning next year if the CHL would have dropped the luxury tax idea?

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