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10-16-2003, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
Let's see. We may have different ways of valueing prospects, but I would stick Lapierre, Korpikari and Ferland ahead of Milroy. I would stick Eneqvist and Halak ahead of Shasby.

Urquhart and Plekanec are debatable and could be switched, but no real qualms with the current order.

Top five is a given, just the order that can be debated. Personally, I would see Hainsey, Komisarek and Higgins as the top three possibly (not necessarily in that order). But all players have their cases. I haven't seen Kostitsyn so can't claim that he isn't legitimately the number two overall prospect.

An interesting list nonetheless. Good work!

I guess I'm a big fan of Milroy's, I like his game a lot and think he has a ton of skill. Lapierre I don't think has the skill level to be much higher. Korpikari I can't really say till next week, but I do see him being moved up for sure. Ferland I am a big fan and want to put him higher, but I do have concerns over his skating.

Urquhart Plekanec and Ryder I had all around the same spots, so they were tough to place. I wanted to do the top 20 in layers, but it was difficult to get it from my head to paper.

So you think Hainsey is #1? I don't dislike him, but I think Komo has the better work ethic and raw skills. Higgins and Perezhogin to me are neck and neck. Perezhogin is more flash, so I guess I fall for that. I think he's unreal talent, and Kastsitsyn just makes it so hard to do the list. If Kastsitsyn is as good as they say, wow! I buying in hook line and sinker.

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