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05-21-2011, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
A few points:

1) The proper lie for you is one where your blade is fairly flat on the ice when shooting and passing. In game a lot of people will get heel wear even with the right lie simply because they skate around with one hand on the stick, with the stick way out front, which causes heel wear. If during stick and puck sessions (where you're spending the whole time puck handling and shooting) you get heel wear, then you likely have too high of a lie, but heel wear from games is not necessarily indicating too high of a lie. When I use the proper lie for me I get wear in the middle of my blade during stick and pucks when I'm handling the puck a lot, but more wear near the heel during actually games when I don't handle the puck nearly as much

2) The Easton Iginla is listed as a 5.5 lie, but because it has fairly little rocker it IMO plays like a higher lie. For example, with the same stick length I get a tonne of heel wear with an Easton Iginla, it's too high of a lie for me, but I get good mid blade stick wear (and a better shot) with a Bauer P88, which is also listed as a 5.5 lie, but seems a bit lower to me, and has more of a rocker. And different companies measure the lie as the angle between different parts of the blade, Warrior lies especially are not very comparable with Easton/Bauer lies (as a rule of thumb people will tell you that a Warrior lie 4 is roughly equal to an Easton 4.75, a Warrior lie 5 is roughly an Easton 5.75, etc., but it really depends on the specific curve). The best way to tell whether a new stick/curve has the right lie for you is to simply hold it side by side with a stick that you know has your preferred lie

3) Where does your stick come up to when your hold it vertically in front of you in skates? Collar bone, adam's apple, chin, lips, nose, eyes?
mine comes up to about my collar bone(to the suprasternal notch).

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