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05-21-2011, 04:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Scotty Hockey View Post
I utterly despised Lindros. Not because he was a Flyer - although that didn't help - but because of his selfishness at draft day. His refusal to put on the Nordiques sweater was an embarrassment. He is living the dream of how many thousands of children and he pisses on it because he was greedy. Hey, you don't want to play for them, fine. Honour the game at least, don't be a selfish jerk. Mario pulled the same bulls--t too, because the Pens didn't sign him ahead of the draft.

As for the thread topic, I root for the team but I feel I don't have to be happy about it. We don't elect the general manager, we don't have to be pleased with the players he picks. Hell, many loathe Glen Sather. You hate him but you have to root for whatever moves he makes? I don't think so. Just because the guy is issued the sweater doesn't suddenly make him a decent player or an honourable one worthy of it. Donald Brashear was handed the jersey but he was never a New York Ranger to me.

When it comes to the guys who go, I'm with Jimmy - one of the greatest moments in franchise history was the Detroit Eddie game. A player gives all he can for a few seasons (or more) and earns your respect and love - it isn't easy to turn that off. I rooted for Beezer when he was with Florida. I still root for Jed wherever her goes (except for the Island, hatred for them overrules everything for me).

And Chosen - I think you were thinking of Billy Tibbetts.

That's one of the more interesting, and satisfying responses. I wonder, does anyone else distinguish between "New York Rangers" and players wearing the sweater. And if so, where does Gaborik fit in?

This interests me.

P.S. I'm far from a Zucc lover. The kid has value,but I think he needs some more NHL acclimation.

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