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05-21-2011, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
Hunter was 37 and played 1 more NHL season before retiring. Juneau hadn't been a front line player in years and never was again. Konowalchuk was a good 3rd liner but nobody you'd call a big part of a great team or anything. You really saw Bondra, Gonchar, Johansson, and Kolzig as the core of a powerhouse?

Come on man that team had a couple very nice parts and a bunch of old guys. You act like that team was primed for years to greatness and McPhee screwed it up. The only thing he screwed up with respect to that team was not finding the fountain of youth.
I agree with a lot of your post, but a couple of things...

Tik, PH: great additions.

Brown (from memory, I think that was that weak sister's name)... horrible choice.

And McPhee did not learn from that mistake: he signed a complete and total failure as his "big move" for the following season: Dimitri Mironov.

Mironov had been acquired by the Red Wings for the playoffs. The Wings, a team that trains together off the ice as well as on, had a cardio workout (exercise bikes, treadmill, weights, etc) scheduled the day Mironov reported. John Wharton (the trainer at the time) led Mironov to his locker, and even had some extra sweats for him.

Mironov promptly announced that he wouldn't be attending the team cardio workouts, as he had his own "superior" training routine.

Mickey Redmond said that Wharton just smiled and said "okay, let's see what you can do at tomorrow's morning skate."

About ten minutes into the morning skate, Mironov was huffing and puffing so badly that he couldn't continue, after which Bowman and Wharton advised Mironov that his "superior" training methods were something he could pursue in the off-season, but from that time on, he was to attend all the team workouts.

According to Redmond, it was constant battle with Mironov after that: he skipped workouts... when confronted about his abscence, he had shouting matches with Wharton and Bowman in the middle of the locker room; an absolute embarrasment to the other Russian players on the team (the other four of the famous 'Russian 5').

When the season was over, the Wings told him that he could come to training camp, but not to expect much: the most they'd ever offer (even if they decided to keep him, which was highly unlikely) was the league minimum; 560k, at that time. There were no other takers: no one wanted Mironov.

This was common knowledge. Mickey Redmond related this story a few times during Red Wing telecasts.

So what does McPhee do? He signs Mironov to a 4 year, $12 million dollar contract. The exact WRONG move to make the following year.

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