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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
There was a player on a good team that finished dead last in all of the physical tests that the team was given. Strength, etc. Not just last. Dead last. His name was Wayne Gretzky.
Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
I only quoted this one because I thought it deserved special attention. John Tavares is no Wayne Gretzky and the comparison is frankly ridiculous and insulting to The Great One.

Take a look at the top goalscorers this year or really any recent year. Something you'll notice, the truly elite make their own chances. Tavares doesn't have the speed or strength to do that as regularly as these guys. That was a knock on him since he came into the league and that's why I never bought the hype that he was the next Crosby.

I won't pretend I know much about this kid, I don't really start taking a hard look at the draft until June, but I'd be skeptical of the hype. You need to be a truly complete player to be elite. That's why Tavares won't be.
Originally Posted by t3hg00se View Post
Rhymes with "Spain Marquis".
You guys, learn to rhyme.

And the point is that you said never. And according to my Discrete Mathematics course, you only need to provide one counter example to completely disprove "never". So you're factually wrong.

Not that I think Tavares will ever be an elite player in the NHL, but you can't just go and say he'll never ever hit 50 or even 40 goals.

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