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10-16-2003, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Hyped
Ty Conklin isn't being groomed to be a starter someday. At least I hope the Oilers don't think that way. Besides, goalies have nerves of steel (at least the good ones do---they need 'em!)

Just think. Whose confidence would you rather have shaken (considering it happens) going into the season, your starter or your back-up?
Conversley, goalies rely strictly on confidence. How's Ty's confidence level going to be when a guy with 4 games of NHL experience gets shelled 7-1 in his first game this season?

(By the way, I think the Oilers are grooming Conklin to be the starter post-lockout, until JDD is ready. Just a hunch)

The old saying goes, in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. If we're playing a bitter divisional rival in a 4 point game, I go with the guy who makes the big bucks. You (as a coaching staff) have to show that confidence in your number one goalie.

Tommy's been there before; he's played in the big games. He's won an Olympic medal and a Turner cup (although it's very tough to say that he'll ever regain that form again). His confidence shouldn't be as rattled if he gets shelled than a guy with 4 games experience.

When you put in a guy expecting him to lose (Ty against Colorado), chances are great that he will. IMO, that's the message sent to Conklin if the Oilers play him Saturday.

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