Thread: Salary Cap: $64.3M Upper Limit for '11-'12
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05-21-2011, 01:26 PM
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Larry Brooks mentioned the lack of bonus cushion in his column last month

But as 2011-12 represents the final year of the CBA, the 7.5-percent bonus cushion that allows clubs to defer up to that amount in performance bonuses on entry level and over-35 contracts will disappear. According to several sources, that will be an important consideration that is expected to prompt to players to vote for the escalator.
Read more:

Escrow deductions decreased during this season.

Good news (relatively speaking), NHL and NHLPA have set 3rd quarter escrow rate @ 10%, down from. 13.5% in 2nd qtr and 17% in 1st qtr.!/TSNBobMcKenzi...87131387092992

Brian Lawton touched on the importance of more playoff games. He was an agent and TB GM for two years

Game 7's mean great news for players and big market teams? Why because more games reduce escrow amount/ increase the CAP the following yr.!/brianlawton9/...32884015218688

The NHLPA had the $62.2M number which was in the Brooks article which is based on the union's assessment of the marketplace. Daly sees the numbers.

Dave Schoalts who has good NHL sources reported $63M last month.

The NHL gave some projections at their BOG meetings last December. Those projections have been revised.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman gave the governors a report at their annual meeting on Monday of what the league’s executives believe the cap will be next season, based on revenue so far in 2010-11. While Bettman did not make an official announcement, word around the annual meetings is that the cap could rise by as much as $3-million (all currency U.S.) next season to $62.4-million.

The $3-million increase is also based on the assumption the NHL players will invoke their right to bump the projected cap by 5 per cent. They have done so every year since the collective agreement was reached in 2005.

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