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05-21-2011, 04:44 PM
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All this talk makes me laugh. The Russians changed the game for the better. The Canadians outright cheated to take out Markarov in the 72 Series because the Russians were killing them, especially him. The were'nt Canadian goon hockey and skated and passed with skill. Bobby Clarke instigated the purge on Markorov's ankle and he wasn't the same after that. They knew they would lose and did anything they could to save face. The is Canada's shame and embarrassment as they needed to cheat because they couldn't compete. As it is today, Canadian hockey teams, now that they have true competition, can't compete. It may be their sport but the Europeans have raised it to a new level and that is why the NHL is what it is today...Awesome. One last note: Wayne Gretsky born in Canada to Canadian citizens, but what is their heritage? Answer: Ukrainian, Belarussian and Polish. So the wunderkind of Canada is actually Eastern European by genetics and Canadian only in citizenship...lmao. Look it up!

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