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Originally Posted by Melvin Udall View Post
If you are content with comparing the Habs with (mostly) the bottom half of the are likely content with the Habs making the playoffs - along with 15 other teams.

If that works for you...great.

I won't be satisfied until they win the Cup.

Looking at all the CUP winners tells me that drafting well - on a consistant basis - not just occasionally - is the key to at least competing for the Cup!

What if this is.... as good as it gets?
Its a 30 team league. Almost all of them are trying to be competitive and even the very best run (Detroit) aren't good at everything. This isn't about whether the Habs are the "very bestest drafting team in the universe" but how they measure up to the other franchises which are trying just as hard as they are. That record shows that they are well above average at the drafting table, meaning that it is an organizational strength, not a weakness like some people make out. There's a difference between rational assessments of an organization and being a blithe idiot that demands the very best regardless of how realistic that is. All I'm claiming is that the Habs are very strong in the later rounds and middleling in the first adding up to being a relatively good drafting organization.

And AK would make the top 6 on the Canucks, Bruins. Two of the final four this year. The other two competitive while heavy on forwards and weak on the defensive side of the roster. Horton is better than Kostitsyn but my point was that he was the 2nd forward taken in possibly the best draft ever. That's a bigger disapointment to the Florida organization than AK at 10 was to the Habs.

Finally, how is Burke going to turn the Leafs into a contender, magic pixie dust and truclulance? In what bizarro world do you live in that you approve of Burke, who has spent to the cap while driving his team to the bottom of the league while getting Kessel instead of high draft picks and disapprove of Montreal, who were good enough at rebuilding on the fly to continue making the playoffs despite a roster overhall. The Habs are much closer to a cup than the Leafs, having just as good or better young talent and while having a core of solid verterans that the Leafs completely lack.

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