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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
It's less a blind spot and more of a pet peeve.
Yeah, that's what I intended. I knew I needed a different term, 'blind spot' didn't make any sense, lol.

Here's a long selection of snips from a Yahoo article. Some scout interviewed before the draft, and his fav was Locker by far. The cool thing is he also raves about Jurrell Casey, who the Titans got in the third round.

Scout Takes Pride in 'Rogue' Label
The scout has seen this movie before, and he doesn’t like it. “What does this guy do that anybody likes?” Dave Razzano asks, pressing the rewind button. “Every pass is an underneath curl route! It’s third-and-10 in the red zone – throw a [expletive] touchdown pass. But look at this: A three-yard dump-off. That’s all he does. He threw the ball just about every play, and he had 16 touchdown passes last season. “This is the guy somebody’s gonna take in the top 10? Based on what?” Razzano, a respected talent evaluator during a two-decade-plus career with the San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals, is talking about former Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert, and he’s not holding back. He has always given unvarnished and sometimes unpopular opinions ...
Razzano doesn’t claim to be perfect in his assessments; for example, the same year he denigrated Alex Smith’s stock he graded Aaron Rodgers(notes) as having “mid-round value,” and we all know how that turned out. “That’s one report I’d like to burn,” Razzano said. ...
... “I talk about the ‘excitement meter,’ ” he explained. “That’s the basic thing about scouting: Whenever you’re watching a player, when you turn on that tape, how friggin’ excited are you? I remember walking into the University of New Mexico [in 2000] and seeing tape of Brian Urlacher for the first time. I said, ‘Oh my God.’ I’d never seen anything like it. I got up and started pacing around the room. I couldn’t believe it.” Suffice it to say that Razzano’s ‘excitement meter’ barely registered for Gabbert. Nor is he wowed by the draft’s other marquee quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, who, in his mind, “has multiple red flags. You can’t take a chance on a guy like that on the No. 1 overall pick.”
Similarly, Razzano was down on former Washington quarterback Jake Locker – until he watched more tape. “Everybody says he’s inaccurate,” Razzano said as Locker completed an intermediate pass against USC on the TV behind him. “He’s not – he throws a great ball!" "It’s a low-percentage offense. There’s never anybody open underneath, and he’s got no protection. You can see it if you look closely enough. People are stupid." “Favre went in the second round, right? If you look at their college stats, Favre and Locker are practically identical. Now look at this play: Tell me this guy doesn’t move like Favre, scramble like Favre, throw like Favre. Pretend he has the number four on his jersey. His release is a lot like Favre, too.”...
When I asked him to name an off-the-radar player in this year’s draft that he regards as a potential Pro Bowl performer, his eyes lit up excitedly. “There’s a defensive tackle at USC named Jurrell Casey, and he’s the protypical nose tackle” Razzano said. “He’s like another Michael Carter, who we got in the fifth round in San Francisco – one of the all-time steals. I see he’s rated as the ninth-best defensive tackle. If they do a mock re-draft in a few years, he’ll be a top-seven pick.” Razzano showed me some tape of Casey from last year’s game against Cal, and the visual evidence was impressive. “Watch him split the double-team here,” Razzano said as Casey burst between the Bears’ center and left guard. “Look at that nasty explosiveness. I’m telling you, it’s like the Steelers’ Casey Hampton ...
... Before I departed, Razzano wanted to give me one, final look at his favorite quarterback in this year’s draft. ... Watching Locker roll to his right and release the ball just before an oncoming pass rusher arrived, Razzano exclaimed, “Look, he puts his shoulder into it. Look! If people can’t see that …” I could almost feel the Excitement Meter shaking with seismic abandon. Razzano paused the tape and continued: “My first exposure to Locker, watching a game on TV, I did not like what I saw. He threw errant passes and wasn’t very accurate. But then I saw the tape. He had more drops by receivers than anyone in the Pac-10, and he was running for his life – his line was probably the worst in the conference. And he still made plays ...” Razzano hit play on the remote and paced around the room as Locker faked a handoff, rolled to his left and threw a touchdown pass to a receiver in the middle of the end zone. “Look at him here,” Razzano said, “throwing against the grain"

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