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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
There's absolutely no scenario where it makes more sense for Dallas to move to the Central before the Wild.
Yes there is.

Right now, the West covers 3 time zones and has two teams that simply do not fit the current standings; Dallas and Colorado.

Now, you have to consider both travel distance and time zone. Both play a major factor for a team. Vancouver would not want to move to the Pacific given all of their teams are so far South. It might a feasible solution in the future but for now, with Edmonton and Calgary, they have a small travel to two rival teams and only one time zone.

Dallas has a huge travel AND two time zones to cover with the majority of their rivals (Phoenix I think is mountain).

Colorado has a huge travel distance and two rival teams in the same time zone.

What would make sense would move Colorado to the Pacific with Phoenix (Mountain Time) and the California teams (LA, Anaheim, SJ). They will cut their travel distance by a lot and only travel one time zone.

Now that would leave a team open in the Northwest and an extra in the Pacific.

If Atlanta does indeed move to Winnipeg, the only logical conclusion would be to move them to the Northeast taking over the spot vacated by Colorado.

Minnesota gets a closer team finally in the same time zone, it's not a great fit but neither is Dallas, which is the odd team out still. Dallas finally gets two team in their time zone (St. Louis and Chicago) and a strong rival in Detroit.

Minnesota moving to Central with Dallas and Colorado there makes no sense at all.

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