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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Elite offensive players lead their teams in scoring, and Richard only did that a few times. Jagr, on the other hand, did that pretty much every season.
Shane Doan led his team in scoring, what, 7 times? I don't think leading a team in scoring in the 30 team era is necessarily an accomplishment by itself.

I haven't looked to see how many times Richard led his team in scoring, because honestly I don't care. Everything we know says that he was the focus of opposing checkers for the majority of his career, so it's not like his leaguewide scoring finishes were easy to come by.

I have.


Are you suggesting that it is not actually harder to score in the play-offs?

If the 50s were only high scoring because the teams were high scoring, then that must mean that all the other times were low scoring because of the teams too, right?
Huh? It's generally harder to score in the playoffs because you don't have easy teams to beat up on and because players take fewer chances.

The 50s were unique in that the two best teams by a wide margin were the two most offensive minded teams - the Red Wings, with Tommy Ivan emphasizing speed and creativity, and Toe Blake's "firewagon hockey" in Montreal. In a 2-round playoff series, the overall scoring of the playoffs will be heavily affected by the teams that make the finals. Each finals team in a 2 round playoffs, would be involved in 2/3 of the series.

I'm not downgrading the importnce of anything. I'm adding context.

Playing on a high scoring dynasty in a high scoring era makes it easier to score. Playing on a lower scoring garbage team makes it harder to score.
Are you calling Jagr's Penguins' teams low scoring? The Penguins were perhaps the only team to never get the memo that you had to play defensive hockey to win, and they continued playing 80s style hockey right through the dead puck era. I guess the Rangers and Oilers tried this too, but they didn't have the talent to even make the playoffs this way. The Penguins really were the only true run-and-gun team to regularly make the playoffs during the era.

It's not necessarily harder to score if you are your team's superstar, and all the offense flows through you.

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