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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Minnesota currently has the worst travel in the NHL.
Minnesota to Denver -> 848 miles

Dallas to Phoenix -> 1,064 mi

That's both closest teams in their division.

Minnesota to Vancouver -> 1,800 mi (2 time zones)

Minnesota to Edmonton -> 1,236 mi (1 time zone)

Minnesota to Calgary -> 1,198 mi (1 time zone)

Dallas to San Jose -> 1,689 mi (2 time zones)

Dallas to Los Angeles -> 1,433 mi (2 time zones)

Dallas to Anaheim -> 1,426 mi (2 time zones)

Minnesota has 3 teams they play a time zone away (Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado) and 1 team they play 2 time zones away (Vancouver)

Dallas has 1 team that players a time zone away (Phoenix) and 3 that play 2 time zones away (San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles).

I would say that Dallas has a worst schedule, both in time zones and in distance than Minnesota...

And still would if that were to happen. Minnesota has a built-in division and familiarity there for the taking. Dallas and to a lesser extent, Colorado, do not. Your putting Minnesota out on an island (like Dallas and Colorado) when it isn't needed.
The problem is with Minnesota and Colorado, they are both in a division they don't fit really closely with. Dallas the same way. But for some odd reason, the NHL doesn't seem fit to adjust their division to have an imbalance.

So the best situation for Colorado would be to move to the Pacific Division (Phoenix is 822 mi but in the same time zone) and then move Dallas to Central, especially if Winnipeg joins the NW division.

Until the NHL expands either into the Pacific Division (Seattle, another team in Alberta, British Columbia, Las Vegas), Minnesota is kind of screwed in terms of divisions especially if Winnipeg joins the division as it is extremely close (465 mi).

As well, Minnesota DOES NOT have the rivalries of the North Stars. In fact, I would say Dallas has more a rivalry with Detroit than Minnesota has with any Central team...

It's dead.

That rivalry died when Minnesota moved in 1991 and that's what people are trying to keep alive when they should move and build different rivalries.

You know what? A Winnipeg/Minnesota rivalry might be awesome given the close distance.

We also built a strong rivalry with Vancouver and with Edmonton.

Things change, teams change. And right now, Minnesota, Colorado, and Dallas are in divisions that simply don't make sense for them.

Originally Posted by Bookman View Post
I appreciate your optimism, but they missed the playoffs this season, and given the state of the Western Conference, that is a distinct possibility next season as well. Their system doesn't really have blue chip talent to provide hope of a quick turnaround, and there is a good chance they lose their leading scorer for nothing.
They have OWNERSHIP issues. Hicks has lost the Rangers and is losing the Stars. Right now they can't spend money.

And Glennie I think is pretty blue chip.

Almost 1 in 5 tickets went unsold last season. Why should i believe that will turn around? It's not like hockey's roots run deep in Dallas. Ownership problems are a serious problem, not an excuse for low attendance.
Yes they do. Now they do. The team has been there for 20 years. It's going through a bit of a rough spot but they have built a long lasting relationship with the city and the state. They just expanded into Austin for their farm team. It is a strong and local group.

I don't have a crystal ball, but I'm just saying ....
I know what you're saying and I know what Wild fans think of Dallas due to them being the North Stars.

But it's time to move on. The North Stars are gone and Dallas is fine. They hit a rough spot but it's not like other organizations haven't hit rough spots in the past.

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