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Originally Posted by Legends of Hockey
Dunderdale was noted as a deft stickhandler and fast skater.
Originally Posted by Ultimate Hockey
Thomas Dunderdale was a natural rover, a player with enough speed to attack and to get back in time to defend. He was a right-handed shot who was famous for his deft stickhandling. Dunderdale played very well over the next four seasons, leading his team in scoring three times and taking home league honors in 1912-13. Victoria won the league title in 1912-13 and defeated the Stanley Cup champion Bulldogs in an exhibition series. Dunderdale scored three times in three games. In 1913-14, he scored in every one of Victoria's 15 matches and was named to the PCHA First All-Star team as a center. He held out for more money in 1915 but was brought to terms by league president XXXXX XXXXXXX. He retired as the PCHA's top career goal-scorer.

In 290 games, the speedy, highly skilled Dunderdale scored 225 goals. He is a worthy member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Originally Posted by Greatest Hockey Legends
Dunderdale was good at it (hockey), very good. Starting in 1906 he went on to play pro hockey in Manitoba before briefly joining the NHA's Montreal Shamrocks. By 1911 he moved out west and would become one of the greatest stars ever known on the coast.

Tommy Dunderdale !!!

Awards and Achievements:
3 x PCHA League Champion (1913, 1914, 1916)

6 x PCHA All-Star Team (1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1920, 1922)

PHCA’s all time leading goal scorer.
PCHA’s single season game-winning goal record.
PCHA’s single season penalty minute record.

PCHA Scoring Accomplishments:
Points – 1st(1913), 1st(1920), 3rd(1912), 3rd(1914), 5th(1918), 6th(1915), 6th(1922), 10th(1916), 10th(1917)
Goals – 1st(1913), 1st(1914), 1st(1920), 3rd(1912), 6th(1915), 6th(1916), 6th(1917), 7th(1922)
Assists – 3rd(1915), 5th(1921), 6th(1913), 6th(1920), 6th(1922)

These percentages are vs. the PCHA leader. During his career there were 3 seasons with outlying offensive seasons, so they have been considered. Those seasons were 1914, 1915, and 1918, and they have been noted with a (*).

Point Percentages: 100, 100, 90*, 89, 87*, 63, 63, 63*, 51, 48
Goal Percentages: 100, 100, 100, 89, 71*, 70*, 61, 51, 50

NHA Scoring Accomplishments:
1910 – 13th in scoring, but led a low scoring team
1911 – 13th in scoring, but was 5th in per game average

Other Scoring Accomplishments:
MHL Points – 2nd(1909), 8th(1908), 9th(1907)
CHA – 3rd(1910)

Newspaper Clippings:
Originally Posted by The Montreal Daily Mail – March 14, 1914
Dunderdale at times showed fine speed.


McGiffin did not come out until the final period, and as usual he mixed it freely, and was chased for mixing it with Dunderdale.


McNamara and Dunderdale had a bumping match.
Originally Posted by The Toronto Sunday World – March 20, 1914
Toronto tried to work the passing game early in the first period, but Poulin, Kerr and Dunderdale checked like fiends and the game soon developed into one-man rushes.
Originally Posted by Vancouver Sun – February 4, 1922
A total of 50 penalty minutes was dished out by Ion during the performance which was woollest and wildest that has been served up here all winter. Dunderdale was the main offender.
Originally Posted by The Calgary Daily Herald=February 27, 1913
He conducts himself truly elegant style on the ice, being an exceptionally fast skater, a beautiful stickhandler, and a deadly shot.

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