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Originally Posted by Bookman View Post
For the NHL, the choice will be this:

!. Build up a hockey stronghold, given it's long and storied history with the game, by giving them division rivals that have a tradition in that area.
North Stars are now the Stars and they have a history with the Blackhawks. Plus the Stars have had a history with the Red Wings.

What long history does the Wild really have?

2. Attempt to save another struggling sun belt franchise by trying to reignite ancient rivalries that existed when they were in another market, with a whole different group of players and fans.
Another struggling sun belt franchise? Okay, I'm taking this to the NHL General.

You guys are trying to reignite ancient rivalries with the 'Hawks, when it's been what? 20 years since the North Stars and the 'Hawks had any history together?

If it were MY choice, I'd play to my strengths, and build up what could be a top NHL market; knowing the NHL, it'll probably go the way kiwi wants.
No, what I want is both Minnesota AND Dallas in one Division but the NHL doesn't appear want to have uneven divisions, for some odd reason.

What you guys are forgetting is the TV Market as well.

It sucks for a team like Dallas to be playing three of their teams in a market that is 2 hours behind them. So if they have a 8-9 O'clock game, it's 10-11 already at night in Dallas.

Dallas makes the logical sense in terms of TV Market, in terms of rivalries, in terms of travel.

Minnesota makes logical sense in terms of travel and possibly TV market.

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