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05-23-2011, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by J22 View Post
Am I missing something here? Wouldnt Colorado pretty much have the final say in this argument?
Possibly but what is Colorado going to do if they don't say yes?

If we are assuming that Winnipeg moves to the NW and one of Colmbus/Nashville move to the SE.
Or Detroit to the NE and a NE team move down. They could juggle the entire roster around.

That would leave the Central 1 team short and the NW one team heavy, the simple solution would seem to be to move 1 team from the NW to the Central correct?
Except Dallas is pretty much screwed and I don't think they or their fans have been happy with being in the Pacific.

For Dallas to move to the Central, one of the NW teams would have to want to move to the Pacific?
Vancouver or Colorado...Everyone gets a new team!

If Colorado doesnt want to leave the NW, why would the NHL upset 2 teams to make 1 happy?
To make the networks happy?

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