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Originally Posted by Deficient Mode View Post
It's sort of a double standard to attribute the rivalries to the franchise and not the region, especially when there is such glaring evidence that teams nearest each other have the most intense rivalries. Minnesota's rivalries with the Hawks and the Red Wings are just as distant in the past as the Star's same rivalries - because they existed in Minnesota. Consider also that, for a team like the Blackhawks that suffered under the Wirtz ownership for so long, there has probably been a lot of recent turnover in the fan base. The Red Wings have gone from the Dead Things to a four-time Stanley Cup winner in that span, too. I just don't see how the "Stars" are really a bigger draw than a regional rival except for the excessively nostalgic.
Actually Dallas has still a small rivalry with some of the Central teams.

Minnesota nor Dallas really have any real rivalries, it's just a matter of TV network draw, travel and logic.

It doesn't make sense to replace Minnesota with Winnipeg in the NW division as Colorado now is in the same position as Dallas...except with two teams in their own network but a large travel time.

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