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05-23-2011, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Belso View Post
I would like to believe that real hockey fans who are not from the "no helmet" era would prefer the league softens up a little and see less "big hits" than to see stars like Crosby out or retire early due to concussions..

But the people who are paid to make decisions either don't care about the sport or are too stupid to acknowledge that hockey's faster and players are bigger then in the 70's...

Bettmen doesn't care about hockey.. He's a business man. If the owners are happy and he gets paid a **** load of money to do his work he doesn't care about what hockey fans think.

He's trying to sell Hockey in the desert. He seems to believe that what will get people to go see games there are fights and big hits.. So in the end, they are not trying to keep their fans. They are looking to expand the fan base. So unless we hockey fans stop watching, this bush league will continue to market the violence of hockey over the skill and plays on the ice..

I've been watching hockey for over 20 years and it will take a lot to turn me off watching hockey. The NHL know this. but there is a fine line.. My brother in law is an assistant coach with kids just to get his son to play hockey. But after seeing the Chara-Pacioretty hit this year, he was debating taking him out of hockey. No parent, brother, friend, etc wants to see someone they care gets hit this way.

So if the league doesn't clean it's act, maybe I am willing to stop supporting them until they make a change.. Teams like Montreal and Toronto with a huge fan base affect the over wealth of the NHL due to revenue sharing.. So if enough of us boycott, they will have to address the hitting to the head of players.

But with so many fans who will just have an easier time to get better and cheaper tickets, I just don't see it happening...
I totally agree with your entire post (exactly how I feel).

One solution (out of many) is to replace Pacioretty with either Gregory Campbell and/or Bettman's son (if he has one).

Imagine Chara was a Hab and Pacioretty was a Bruin...I wonder how many games Chara would have received.

It still makes me sick to think about what Chara got away with (no justice).

I wonder how Bettman would react if it were his son that got shoved/pushed into the turnbuckle.

#1 solution...every fan avoids NHL games on TV and avoid paying for those ludicrous/expensive hockey tickets...doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

One thing's for individual can choose to watch or not and at least that's one solution for one person. I myself want to avoid watching the NHL when I see so many headshots/crosschecks to the head, violent sucker punches to the head, hits from behind, violent obvious-out-to-injure-you bodychecks, etc...and these violent players get away with it (no serious suspension). Matt Cooke was the only one this year that finally didn't get away with it...the second time around.

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