Thread: Speculation: The GM debate
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05-23-2011, 09:48 AM
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GM has obviously acquired decent players. If it all can't be put together within reasonable time and progress in the playoffs, his job security should be questioned. Since he hires and fires the coach, its ALL on him. All crappy teams get great players, concensus BPA's handed to them year after year. GM's cannot get credit for those no brainer picks that you the keyboard warrior could make.

It seems what it comes down to, is filling the holes. Yzerman went with a vet in net which appears to have been a wise move. We went with all kids. Well, two got shunned, oddly. A position George waited to long to fill via the draft WRT Kolzig's aging. Tampa obviously has a decent supporting cast, ours is lacking. Their coach again is making Bruce and George look bad, IMO.

Grading a GM is all relative. Who is grading him. If his only job requirement is to fill the seats aka make Ted money, and make the playoffs every year (which means a chance at a cup), he is meeting expectations and warrants a 2.4% pay raise.

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