Thread: Speculation: Sean Avery's role 2011-2012
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05-23-2011, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Outside interests? Avery should be a hockey player. That should be his #1 priority. When he was a Ranger the first time,Avery had a publicist. Does he still have a publicist because he or she hasn't made any recent statements on Avery's behalf. How many HOCKEY players have publicists? He makes $4M to play hockey. You're happy with his play the last two seasons? Avery is mentioned more in the gossip pages than in the back pages. Avery has played one good game the last two years and that was against the Stars with Turco and Modano. They think Avery is a POS and he feels the same about them. He has done anything else except basically steal money from two teams instead of one team.
I've sporadically liked his play, as equally as I've disliked his play. One could argue that his ice time has been sporadic under Tortorella, which is why he hasn't been as effective since Renney's been gone.

As far as publicists are concerned, I have no idea how many professional hockey players have publicists: do you? My point being, just because it's common knowledge doesn't mean that it impacts what he does on the ice moreso than say Henrik Lundqvist and his outside interests. Did Derek Jeter's off the field relationships with numerous women (according to "Page Six," which you've referenced above) impact his performance on the field? It's a b.s. stance and the fact of the matter is we don't know, nor should we know what these individuals do outside of their job.

Clearly, it's caused biases with you (as well as others) and Avery. If hfboards knew what other players did away from the ice, everyone would jump on players after each bad game or rough patch in a season. I don't care how much they make, I don't eat breathe and sleep my job; I don't expect them to either. I just expect them to be professional when they're at work and do their job to the best of their abilities. Not sure why you expect to hold them to any other standard because they have interests outside of hockey...

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