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05-23-2011, 10:55 AM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
I'm not under-valuing Cammalleri, he is a good player and I would love to have him on the Avs. I'm just saying Stastny has more value as he is the better player and is 3 years younger.

The only way the Avs trade Stastny is if they get either
A. an overpayment by a team that really wants a 1st line center or
B. a goaltender they think could be "the guy" ie: Bernier, Schneider etc.

and since Montreal will not be giving us Price (rightfully so), I'd say they would fall into category A. So if they want Stastny then they are going to have to overpay. Thats why I say Cammalleri, Tinordi and a 1st. I think that would be an overpayment for Stastny, but I really feel that's what it would take.

I would love to understand, why people think we "need" to trade Stastny. This whole thing with his dad is blown way out of proportion. The Avs are in total control of that. If young Stastny is in the same boat as dad and decides to tank, we demote him down to the 3rd line and let either O'Reilly or Hishon take over the 2nd line. Plus if he decides to tank he will blow any chances of a good contract when he is due again. He needs to play hard for two reasons 1. if he wants to maintain getting paid as a top player 2. so that if he is really unhappy the Avs can trade him, no team is going to want a player who doesn't try hard when he doesn't get his way and is paid 6mil.

The Avs don't need to trade Stastny, I think he might be available, but as I said before it would have to be for one hell of a package.
and...a prospect. but i agree it's overpayment and would probably take that kind of offer for aves to budge -
which habs wouldn't do.

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