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05-23-2011, 02:31 PM
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It really depends on your definition of popularity. If you mean the amount of people on average that actively follow the team, I would say hands down it is the Eagles.

In terms of merchandise showing fan support and what not, I would say both the Phillies AND Flyers have more merchandise being worn by fans, which tells me that the Eagles, while more closely followed by more fans, are still outclassed by the other organizations in terms of fan support for the team.

Even look at offseason talk... besides the first splash of free agency, the Phillies offseason talk never really starts kicking off until spring training. With the Eagles, there is always talk it seems like.

So basically, if you are asking for the amount of people supporting the team, it's the Phillies. If you are asking for sheer numbers of fans the follow the teams, it would probably be the Eagles.

The Sixers unfortunately are in a league that is top heavy in terms of all-stars. Until they get that Kobe Bryant/LeBron James type game changer, they will never have a decent shot of becoming an elite team, not to mention a consistent team.

The Union actually have surprised me. Soccer will probably always be a niche sport in America, but the fan support for the Union in Philly has been very good compared to other cities.

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