Thread: On the Radio: Dave Cameron already has an NHL job?
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05-23-2011, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Ev View Post
Mike Babcock had no NHL experience...
Babcock didn't get it done with the Ducks though. He had to leave a Bryan Murray environment to become a winner (something of a commonality, when Murray leaves or players/coaches leave Murray they tend to win or do better, strange that).

P.S. I keep hearing "Anaheim this Anaheim that" with Murray; that's nice, but please get off your wrinkly ass and get it done here if you got it done in Anaheim, because right now no playoffs or out in the first every year is proving your rep is built on a house of cards, B-Murr.

Originally Posted by CR15 View Post
I fail to see how it can be spun in anyway other then Melnyk putting personal relationships ahead of good buisness if he is hired by the Sens.

What has Dave Cameron done behind the bench to be the must have guy out of the O or CHL ? nothing up until this year where he has allowed his team to blow the gold medal game and squander a 2-0 lead in the OHL finals. I would hope that he has to pull off the mem cup to even get considered as a finalist
Melnyk cares about LOYALTY more than he cares about RESULTS.
That is why Murray is still here despite the team being akin to Barnum & Bailey's the past four years and why Cameron is going to be our head coach.

Remember that Melnyk is not a hockey "guy" he is a hockey "enthusiast". For Melnyk to find the right coach would require more than having them go to Barbados, sip a "Huge Euge" and then go back home. There would need to be deep analysis of records, interviews with current and former players, sounding boards from hockey-tuned media, in short a heckuva lot more work than what's going on here.


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