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MLD 2011 - Sign-Up Thread

I think it's about time we start to get this going, (I assume this is alright that I go ahead with this, if not seventies can remove the thread until a later date, but it seems necessary at this point.) We're due for an ATD finish within the next two weeks or so, so the MLD is right now planned for the beginning of July. So post in this thread what team you'd like to draft with, and include in your post if you will be co-managing with someone, or you'd like the assistance of a co-manager.


Drafting those all-time greats overlooked in the main ATD

Sign-up Thread
Dwight & Velociraptor - New New York Awesome Express
tony d - Garnish Dragons
DaveG - Warroad Lakers
BiLLY_ShOE1721 - Philadelphia Quakers
seventieslord - Regina Capitals
markrander87 & Stoneberg - Halifax Sleepwatchers
vecens24 & TheDevilMadeMe - Eden Hall Warriors
SuperSwede21 - West Coast Phantoms - (& Dreakmur?) - TEAM STATUS IN QUESTION
Reds4Life & jkrx - Detroit Red Wings
Reen Machine - Montreal Bad Habits
Iain Fyffe - Brandon Shamrocks
Tom ServoMST3K - Winnipeg Falcons
TheJudge - Saskatoon Quakers
Selfish Man - Pittsburgh Hornets


Below are VI's copied rules from last year, rule changes are open and we can discuss anything we feel is necessary to change.

The draft will last 24 rounds. You must draft 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards and a coach, with 3 additional picks to be used for whatever position(s) you want.

Trading is allowed. Trades must be equal in numbers, 2 picks for 2 picks, 1 player and a pick for 2 picks, and so on. Really lopsided trades can be vetoed. Rounds 15/16 through 23/24 will be double picks per round.

The time limit is 4 hours. If you miss a time window don't panic, just make up the pick ASAP. You can PM your preferred pick to me beforehand and be assured I won't ever be drafting your top pick for whatever round because my pre-draft prospect list is so darn long I can do without (even if with a grimace).

Suggestion: POST A REASON OR STATISTIC OR DESCRIPTION WITH YOUR PICK to aid discussion and let us know a bit about the pick, as many may not be household names, especially from other eras.

You must PM the next GM after your selection. And please post a notice to that effect on the draft thread to ensure a smooth flow to the draft.

Any player from any league or era are eligible as long as they were not drafted in the ATD 2010. As soon as a pick is posted, the next team's clock will begin even if an ineligible player is chosen: the pick will simply be made up as soon as possible.

Player selection should be based on what they have done (the 'next best' draft, so to speak, the greatest all-time careers not honored by being picked in the main ATD 2010 draft), and not what they will do in the future, though it's understood that there is a bit of historical hypothetical projection with players whose careers were cut short by injury.

Absolutely no dropping of players: once drafted they are drafted, but players could be traded if team needs change. At the end of the draft a team could pick up an undrafted UFA and simply discard a draft pick.

The number of teams that make the playoffs will depend on the number that qualify for the postseason. To qualify, a team must meet this all-time draft roster condition: Have on the team at least ONE player from each of the following all-time hockey periods:

1916 or earlier
in 2010 (ANY active/nonretired pro player with 300-plus games pro experience regardless of when he began his career)

The very first game ever played in a top pro league defines which time period for the required condition (so, an eighties player whose NHL or SEL rookie season started in 1979 would meet the 1966-79 time period requirement).

On another front, there will be an all-star team of 1LW, 1RW, 1C, 2D, 1G, 1Coach voted on after the regular season.

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