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05-23-2011, 05:57 PM
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I come in peace: an Atlanta fan offering support

(throughout, any mention of southeast is in reference to the region and not the NHL division.)

It has occurred to me through this mess that our Atlanta team has found itself in, that we in the southeastern region are in this boat together.

I have been a staunch Thrashers fan thusfar and, honestly, had it been to the peril of any other team, I would have been ok with that. Sounds terrible... that is because it is.

Over the course of the past couple of months, it is painfully apparent that we in the Southeastern portion of the U.S. are viewed with quite a bit of disdain and that includes the Bolts and Canes who even have a Stanley a piece to offer some legitimacy. It wouldn't matter what our teams do, it is the fans they have a problem with. It is true that we don't produce much in the way of players. While Atlanta is working on that and have one promising player coming up through the system, it is still a far cry from where I'd like to see it.

Until we can all afford to stand on our own two feet as separate fanbases, I am going to support ALL of the southeastern U.S. Teams. If I am able to travel to games, I will. When I can get a sweater, I will. Where I can support youth clubs, adult leagues, college teams, competative youth leagues or minor league teams, I will.

While Atlanta is enjoying a strong growth spurt in youth hockey, it needs a boost and will need an even larger one if the Thrashers leave (and it looks quite possible they will.). The ice melts just as fast all around where we live so... here's to keeping it frozen. I am sure the same can happen in your areas if it isn't already.

If the Thrashers stay, of course, I will back them in a match between us and any team, but otherwise, I will pick a Southeast team to back and do so with the vigor I gave Atlanta since 1999.

I have watched your team over the years and, I gotta say, you guys are just THIIIIIS close to pulling off a Stanley appearance!

Go Predators
Go Bolts.
Go Panthers.
Go Hurricanes.
and, for as long as we can, Go Thrashers.

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