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Originally Posted by Flyersfan139 View Post
Yeah there have been people who have done way worse and do not get near the crap Vick does. The stuff Roethlisberger did is 10x worse and it seems like not many people care.

I guess Phillies fans can be called a little fair weather but ever since they got the new stadium the fan support has been there. Even I had trouble staying interested them at the Vet when during their almost decade run of no playoffs.
Excuse me but Roethlisberger has yet to have any charges brought up against him and yet has been suspended by the NFL... How is this related to the topic? You speak of chances yet want a person punished for things he not only has not been convicted on, but has not even had enough evidence for a single charge... So much for innocent until proved guilty huh?

Sorry to report: Bottom line is WINNING and YOUR team winning.

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