Thread: On the Radio: Dave Cameron already has an NHL job?
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05-23-2011, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by DefenseMinister View Post
As mentioned on multiple occasions, the 04/05 Bingo team was during the lockout and included Spezza, Volchenkov and Vermette (pretty much an All-Star team). They flamed out in the 1st round.

Additionally, Cameron was the associate coach that year with Paddock who had been the head coach for the previous few seasons and had led those teams to very respectable results. Cameron can take little to no credit for that season.

However, as soon as he did get full reign of the team, he immediately sank it into the basement so he's got that on his resume (from 106 points in the lockout year to 78 points and then 55). FYI, when Clouston arrived, the team immediately began it's climb back into respectability. They never made the playoffs in those 2 seasons but they were right in the mix both years. With a little more help from the parent club (an AHL veteran signing or two), they would have made the playoffs easily.

Clouston took the a team that looked very similar to Cameron's 55 point abomination and lead them to an 82 point and then 91 point season. Clouston didn't fare well as an NHL head coach with those AHL results on his resume yet Cameron deserves to be handed the job because...?
Now you see this is where I have a problem. In your original post you wrote:
Let's put aside the fact that he has a relationship with Melnyk and look at some unbiased facts.
So let's do that. In 2004-05, Cameron was co-head coach with Paddock And the only reason Paddock was there was because of the lock-out. Cameron was the head coach, but Paddock was still there waiting to become the asst coach in Ottawa, so they used co-head coaches, but Cameron was hired to be the coach and would have been there by himself had there been no lock out since Paddock would have headed to the NHL the moment the lock out was resolved which at the time was not expected to last a full season.

In the Bingo press release announcing Cameron's return to the Majors, they wrote:

The 48-year old native of Kinkora, P.E.I. led the Binghamton Senators to a 105-106-16-13 record in three seasons as head coach, including a franchise record 47 wins, 106 points and a East Division championship in 2004-05.
That is what I would call an unbiased fact. And I also point out another unbiased fact, Bruce Boudreau who had a better record than Cameron also lost in the first round that year also with players who should have been in the NHL if not for the lock out.

As for the 2nd and 3rd year of his tenure, I'll give you another unbiased fact. Cameron had NO ONE on those teams that could be considered an NHL player or even a potential NHL player other than Eaves or Bochenski. Scotty Bowman would have ended up in the basement with the players on those teams. And Cameron in his 2nd year, came up 7 points short of a playoff spot. Hardly the basement.

As for Clouston resurrecting the fortunes of the franchise, it is no coincidence that Bryan and Tim Murray had started the rebuild of Bingo Sens and actually provided him with real AHL players not ECHL rejects like Muckler had done.

If Cameron had stayed in Bingo instead of going back to the Majors to help out Melnyk, Cameron would have been the next head coach of the Ottawa Sens not Clouston. Is there any wonder why Melnyk feels some sort of debt to Cameron? Murray will make the final decision, but there is no doubt in my mind that Cameron is worthy of consideration for the position. Whether or not he's the best guy for the job, only Murray can tell us.

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