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05-23-2011, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
No such proof exists. I have a very hard time, like you, believing any such promise was ever made. I mean really. Consider the time-frame here. Harold Ballard was at the height of his destructive best late 70's early 80's when Hamilton was planning to build. Buffalo was coming down from its salad days with the French Connection line & were re-building. The WHA was on its last legs, absorbed in 79-80. The main proponent of the NHL bid was Ron Joyce. I have found no record anywhere that he was "promised" anything, in fact quite the reverse, he was told in no uncertain terms it wasnt going to happen so he refused to lay down the non-refundable deposit the NHL at the time required.. I think its important to be honest about things in order to understand historically what went wrong so you dont repeat mistakes of the past. Copps' was certainly built with the intention to house an NHL franchise however it wasnt "guaranteed or promised" hence its multi-purpose design.
Thank-you. Nice to see something objective....not some made-up garbage claiming a team was "promised" to Hamilton.

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