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05-23-2011, 11:26 PM
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[QUOTE=Brodeur;33199220]This site is a good reference for past trades:

4 for 6/21 seems a bit optimistic from a Devils perspective. Using the Islanders 2008 Draft trade as a barometer, 4 for 6/35/65 would be more plausible. And realistically, it depends on how the Sens feel about who's available at #4 and whether they have a big gap between hypothetically Huberdeau/Couturier and the 'worst' case scenario of only having Strome/Hamilton/Murphy available at #6.

And on the flipside, I absolutely would not deal #6 for two late firsts and a high 2nd.

I know it's HF mentality that we can turn picks in the 25-40 range into above average NHLers, but history would say otherwise. I think all of our teams have had more average NHLers/career minor leaguers with those picks than finding a Corey Perry.[/QUOTE

Well as your aware LA did trade the 17th and 28th in 2008 for the 12th. Thats 5 spots for an extra 1st rd pick. Moving 4th to 6th is not only just a small move number wise but many say after the top 5 its a drop off

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