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05-24-2011, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by J22 View Post
I guess I just dont understand why you seem so bent on making Dallas happy.
Because frankly Dallas is in a spot worse than Minnesota in terms of scheduling and in terms of relocation.

It doesnt matter what team from the Central moves to the Eastern conference, or what division they go to. The West is still going to be 1 team short for the Central.
None of the Canadian or West Coast teams are going to want to move to the Central. That leaves Dallas, Colorado or Minnesota as the only options. I am going to assume that Colorado wants nothing to do with moving to the Central. That leaves Minnesota and Dallas.

I am also assuming that Winnipeg wants to be in the Northwest with the other Canadian teams. That would leave the NW with an extra team, If Minnesota is the only team that WANTS to leave the NW this just seems way to simple for me. Why Piss off 2 teams just to make 1 Happy?
Again you guys don't understand the TV Market. Dallas is in a terrible position TV marketing wise.

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