Thread: Proposal: Kesler for Seguin?
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05-24-2011, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Auger View Post
Well yes I am on topic, im talking about how ridiculous the proposal is. The Couture reference is one where im simply saying that this deal would still be stupid even if it was for Couture, who like Seguin is a rookie, and IMO the best rookie this year. Yes I realize that he's older, but from the POV of the Canucks why the hell would 3 years make a difference? if anything older would be better because at least he's more ready to play at the NHL level (physically). I said you're off topic because your posts don't even remotely relate back to the topic at hand, all you're doing is defending Bergeron who is not as good as Kesler anyways.
Of course the proposal is ridiculous, which I said before in the "makes less than zero sense to Vancouver" comment. And of course it would still "makes less than zero sense to Vancouver" for Couture.

So the basic jist of your post is saying it would be less ridiculous for Vancouver to trade Kesler for Couture than Seguin...awesome? Good conclusion there. I also find it funny that youre the one who brought Courture up from the start, yet somehow I'M off topic for debating with someone when someone ELSE brought up Bergy/Kesler. And you don't even understand the debate which is why I'm not offended in the least by your high school drop out (not even close to one btw) comment lol. I'm only sayign that I think the gap between Kesler and Bergy is smaller than a lot of fans think, but I agreed to disagree.

I'm glad I wasted my time with this, now I know that A. the trade is bad and B. that it would be less bad for Couture. Thumbs up.

Originally Posted by Homesick View Post
I would love it if Vancouver did this deal...but they never would even consider it. Would Boston fans trade Bergeron for Hodgson?
If Boston was trying to shed salary then theyd probably do this, but I doubt Vancouver would. Bergy is too prone to concussions to have any real significant trade value. Hes worth way more to the Bruins than he could be to anyone else.

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