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10-16-2003, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BrindA17
He's only getting older. Will he ever play for the big club? I remember when the Flyers drafted Williams, one scout in particular stated that he was more excited about getting Drozdetsky (whom they snagged in round 2), who he thought wasn't fairly scouted/rated.

Which reminds me, where is Pletka? And if he's still in the organization, what are the chances of this guy becoming a regular?

Sleepers? Maybe...
I think the Flyers made Pletka a qualifying offer in order to retain his rights but really have no intention to sign him. I am not sure, even if on another team, if he would want to play in NA. I would say the chances of a regular on Philly is 0% and maybe 2% if some desperate GM would give us a LOW pick for his rights.