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Originally Posted by The Prodigy
And saying that Forsberg has never been a captain on any team (he has been the assistant captain, BTW), well, that is silly also. Because if Jarome Iginla had played all those years with the Colorado Avalanche instead of Forsberg, he wouldn't be the captain either. Joe Sakic is the heart of that franchise, and always will be.
Just like Iggy is in Calgary. Let me ask you this then, if Iggy and Forsberg were on the same team at the same time, who do you think would be captain? I don't think there is any doubt it would be Iggy.

I've seen Iginla scrap plenty of times and guess what, he's not that great. I've seen him get his face beaten in on quite a few occasions. He lost to Tootoo, he got pummeled by Jovanovski a few years back.
Lost to Tootoo? Give me a break! Iggy wasn't even ready for that fight (Tootoo jumped on him to get an early edge, Iggy said so himself.)

You think Iggy would lose a fight to Jordin Tootoo?

As for the Jovanovski fight, sorry, doesn't ring a bell. Maybe you've gotten him confused with Adam Deadmarsh or something, I don't know. But you seem to have somehow forgotten about one big scrap Iggy had in the playoffs last year, with your very own Derian Hatcher. I wonder why that is? Maybe it was because Iggy dropped him like the pile of crap that he is? Yep, that must be why, lol.

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