Thread: Proposal: Rangers/Penguins/Canucks
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05-24-2011, 12:12 PM
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Rangers say yes.
Canucks say no, but only because kesler's value is both in chemistry and talent, plus cap; flip side of the gamble is if Malkin emerges back to form; then it would be a steal.
Pens say no, but this is not so obvious. Two high picks and a W who granted is an incomplete player but is an elite sniper nonetheless making less than Malkin, and who would thus generate cap savings and space is not unimportant. A close no, given Malkin's uncertainty vs. the knee(s) and the current concentration of salary. [If those two were not the case, then this would proposal not even be a thought.]

It's a no Chester, because on balance 2 of the 3 have more to lose than to gain.
But hang in there; they're getting better.

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