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Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
You'll never be allowed to say that Lidström is on Orr's level since he has the nostalgia-boon, he's always going to be remembered as super awesome because he was in comparison with everyone else who played back then.
With respect, Lidstrom is not on Orr's level because no defenseman is (or has been) on Orr's level in the history of hockey so far. That is not an insult to Lidstrom, it's the truth. Orr redefined the entire defense position, dominated everyone in his era (not just defensemen) and is regarded by many hockey historians as the greatest PLAYER to ever play the game. Could the same be said about Lidstrom? Would anyone ever say Lidstrom was better than Gretzky, Howe, Lemieux, etc.?

Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
Lids has played during a much tougher era when the game is much faster and harder on the physical side, but he'll never get as much credit since "He never won an Art Ross", well big surprise, the game is totally different these days. You just can't compare eras like that.
I disagree. Orr played in a era where there were 12 teams and the players were a lot more physical and mean. Lidstrom never had to take the physical abuse Orr did on a nightly basis. Lidstrom never had to play on two bad knees without medical advances to cure him. In fact, I think Lidstrom gets all the credit he deserves. A fan started a thread comparing him to Orr - that alone proves how much credit Nick Lidstrom gets (and deserves) in hockey circles. Lidstrom is one of the true greats, don't get me wrong, but Orr was just simply better.

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