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Originally Posted by doug5984 View Post
Need some help with this though, when I'm skating backwards and need to stop what is the best way to stop backwards?
In a "T" stop where you have the majority of the balance on one leg and the other skate turns perpendicular to the balance skate. Once you set the stopping skate down, then you transfer more weight to the stopping skate. The faster you transfer that weight, the faster you stop. I recommend that you start the transfer slow and then gradually move the weight transfer faster.

ALso, same situation going backwards but then say I hit the puck and need to break out the other direction whats the best way to go from backwards to going full speed ahead without losing much ground.
I recommend that you do a heel to heel pivot from back to forward, also known as a step out. This places you in a forward skating direction. Then, I recommend you move into a crossover stride to pick up speed for advancing forward up the ice.

However, if you are playing defense and you want to make that transition, I recommend that you just pass the puck. Don't skate with the puck out of your defensive zone...pass it out of your defensive zone. This way the pass gets out of the zone and not get held in by a pinching defenseman. A good rule to follow is that you only get to hold the puck no more then 4 seconds.

You get give it! Yes, this is a team sport, it's not tennis.

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