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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
If you're playing D, I would generally try to force the puck out to the blue line. Your defending LWer should be there ready for it. Others may disagree though.
Nope! I agree with that. Why have the puck move towards the point? Simple, if the puck moves towards the point, the goalie has a clear view of all of the players out front. However, if the puck moves more towards the goal line, then the goalie starts to get more pressure or concern about who's out front and who's not.

Then the goalie will have to be taking "Pictures" all the time and that sucks for him. But once the puck moves out towards the point, the pressure is relieved. So the key in offensive attacking is to keep maximum pressure on the goalie and the best place for that is behind the goal line and or behind the net.

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