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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Realistically history should tell you Varly doesnt need to play every day to perform well in the playoffs. He doesnt even need to play but once every few weeks. Just like in the Theo got yanked years. Lets theorize some guys practice hard and are ready to go. That they do well in an underdog role.

The locker room is not divided in half. I am fearing the locker room is losing or has lost faith in Bruce. I am not so sure George has a pulse of the room. No one wants to talk bad about a good guy to play for like Bruce. I just sense when guys like Ovi and Nick are disinterested, Green wants to do his own thing. Play along and say Semin can't speak English. Thats 4 young guns that I see tuning him out. That is not good. All the acquisitions in the world won't change that.
I don't think you can say Ovi looked disinterested at all. I think he did well in the playoffs, he just didn't get any help (looking at you Backstrom).

I don't think the coach has anything to do with Green or Semin. I think those guys are just full of themselves. Semin has always been, and Green seems to have read way to many of his own press clippings since getting his first Norris nomination because he hasn't been the same player since. And please do not tell me he is just rounding out his defensive game, he has been lackluster for the past 2 years. He looks like a player who doesn't think he needs to work hard to be successful.

I do agree that Backstrom looked disinterested all year. I worry about that because it just happened to be his first year after signing a big contract. Hopefully he gets his head out of his a$$ this offseason and comes in ready to play next year. But it wouldn't be the first time in NHL history a player signs a huge deal and then doesn't work as hard as he did to get him to that high level. Hopefully it was just an off year and that is not the case. But that is why teams are so reluctant to sign players to long term deals.

But I am not sure you can blame any of that on Bruce. That is more to do with having the wrong type of character in the dressing room. And that falls on GMGM's shoulders.

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