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Was hoping to let overpass respond first but, since it's voting time:

NJ should win because:

1) Better goaltending.

Cujo probably would have a few 2nd Team All Stars or so if he played in almost any other era. But Gardiner was the defining goaltender of his era with 3 First Teams, and 1 Second Team in the first 4 years of official AS teams. And one writer thought he deserved the Second Team in 1928-29, two years before the official AS teams came into existence.

It's not an enormous difference, but I think Gardiner is much more likely to steal a game or two in this series.

2) Slightly better top line.

Maurice is even better than Jagr in the playoffs, and Henri is a step up from Doug Bentley.

3) Significantly better scoring from the 3rd line.

Since neither third line is used in a checking role, I think the extra offense from NJ's 3rd line is important.

4) More scoring from the depth defensemen without giving up anything physically and not giving up much defensively.

Basically, the Pratt/Boyle combo provides more puck moving than Bullet Joe Simpson alone.

Ottawa could win because:

1) Slightly better top defensive pair.

Gerard is an even better version of Coulter. Pronger is better overall playoff than Quackenbush, but I think much of his advantage is on special teams.

2a) Even more two-way ability from the depth lines.

Every one of NJ's depth lines has a defensive-minded LW. But Ottawa's second line is excellent defensively as a whole, and the third line may be better defensively too, depending on how you view Nash's defense.

b) Better overall second line, especially defensively.

I don't think Ottawa has that much of an offensive advantage on the second line, but there is a huge defensive edge, which gives them the best overall secondary line.

--On the other hand, despite more defensive ability from the forwards as a whole, I don't think any of Ottawa's LWs really stand up well to Maurice Richard.

The X-factors:

-For Ottawa: Coaching

I think Dick Irvin is a bit overrated because of longevity. I don't think it's necessarily a coincidence that Toronto got better in the playoffs when Irvin was replaced by Hap Day.

That said, he's a more historically decorated coach than Pitner and has to be considered a better coach here, especially at handling the forwards.

-For NJ: Championship experience.

The following players on NJ have captained at least one Stanley Cup winning team: Tommy Phillips, Henri Richard, Maurice Richard, Art Coulter, Babe Pratt, Charlie Gardiner*

*Trivia question answer.

Mayorov was the long-term captain of the Soviet National Team when they dominated the 1960s.

None of this makes them better players, but in a close playoffs series, such championship experience can only help.


Good luck, overpass. There are definitely a lot of similarities between our teams.

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