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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
A. if it was that simple, yes it would.
B. Messier and Bathgate even out in terms of their respective standings among 1st liners at their positions, yes. Selanne is a much better RW than Ullman is a C, though. At this point there are only 10 RWs definitely better than Selanne (Bathgate might be 9th of those 10) and then Kurri, Mikhailov and Hull are debatable. He's 11th-14th, and that's better than Ullman, who I was generous calling "average" as I'm a fan, but he's likely closer to 30th than 20th.
It doesn't matter how they compare to others of their position. It matters how they compare to each other. Bathgate and Ullman are about equal to Messier and Selanne.

- Why is Stanfield's offense better? He didn't produce more at even strength, as already demonstrated, and produced more on the PP due to opportunities and situations he's not the beneficiary of here.
Cashman is very nearly an offensive zero. He put up points at even strength because he played with Esposito and Orr.

I'm suggesting he would intimidate or goon up Bathgate, a very real possibility.
Bathgate won't be intimidted. If you want to goon him, you'll just be giving the Monsters extra chances to kill you on the PP.

the gaps are equally-sized. Stuart should be a good 70 spots ahead of Neilson/Reise, and they should be about 200 spots ahead of Egan. 200th-270th and 270th-470th are about equal in terms of the player values associated.
This isn't about what their draft positions should be.

Hod Stuart is arguable a legitimate #1 defenseman here. He is very strong in every aspect of the game. Defensively and physically, Neilson is close to Stuart, but offensively it's not even close.

Reise it better than Egan defensively. Physically, they are about the same. Offensively, Egan is better than Reise. The gaps between offense and defense are probably similar. You can slam Egan's defensive play all you want, but it doesn't take away from the other aspects of his game.

Then you are refusing to read between the lines.

Finding direct evidence of anyone being particularly bad defensively from those times, is difficult. Make no mistake, what we do know is damning.
What we know is basically nothing. What you assume is damning.

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